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Brazil’s Maycon lies on the field as the German team celebrate their win in the 2007 Women’s World Cup final, China, 2007

With all of the awesome blogs about football (everything from Just Football to A Football Report to In Bed With Maradona and all of hundreds of others) as well as the quarterlies that have started cropping up (The Blizzard, Howler and XI come to immediate mind), we wanted a place for our writing.

Football is, stereotypically, the boys’ sport. They’re the players, the fans, the writers. If you were to take a cursory glance at the whole of the culture, you might get the idea that it’s just them.

Except it’s not.

According to the popular book Soccernomics, in 2004, more than forty percent of the global audience for Euro 2004 was female. Think about that: eight years ago, almost half of the viewers of what is arguably the second biggest (or, to some, the biggest) football tournament in the world were females. Since then, the numbers have risen and yet, if you look at the bylines or the members of the teams of any of the blogs or magazines, the numbers don’t match up.

That’s where Second Touch comes in.

We’re female football fans who want to be able to see the work done by fellow female football fans. Their articles and opinions and game recaps.

We know that there are female fans out there who can analyze a match with the best of them, who wants to write about her team and her players, just like the guys do. Who can understand the feelings of Nick Hornby’s fan in Fever Pitch with scary similarity. Who has woken up in the middle of the night, even though they have work the next morning because their team is playing.

And we want you. We want your views and your opinions and your analyzing. We want your player profiles and your five reasons such-and-such a player will or won’t make or break a team,  why having such-and-such a player out with injury is going to cause their team to limp a little. We want your interviews and your photography and everything else in between.

If you’re interested in the project or want to know more, please contact us at .

Briana Scurry making a save WUSA match.

Scurry was the starting goalkeeper for the USWNT between 1995-2005.  Here she is talking about a save she made during 1999 World Cup final between China and the USA. 

Miss Pauline Craske teaches her junior school pupils to play football on the playing fields at Queen’s College, Taunton, England, 1943

Fairey goal keeper Betty Stanhope destroys any hope of a score for the AV Roe team, as she knocks the ball up to hit the cross bar, Fallowfield, Manchester, 1944

The Fairey team with their coach, Mr O’Conner, following their six-nil win over the AV Roe team, Fallowfield, Manchester, 1944

Left to right, they are: Marion Benson (right inside), Doris Beeston (centre forward), Phyllis Hatkinson (centre half), Alice Cocker (left back and captain), Frances Finch (right outside), May Grimwood (left outside), Mr G O’Conner, Helena Griffin (right half), Betty Stanhope (goal), Betty Morley (right back), Vera Hulme (left half) and Sheila Love (left inside).

AV Roe captain Peggy Nuttall (right) throws the coin whilst Fairey captain Alice Cocker (left) calls, Fallowfield, Manchester, 1944

Fairey(stripped jersey, left) vs AV Roe (white jersey, right), Fallowfield, Manchester, 1944

Llanelli Ladies FC, 1921

Derwent Mills Ladies Football Team, 1917. The picture was taken shortly after October  27 1917, when Derwent Mills won the Workington Ladies’ Challenge Cup.